How We Perform A Naturopathic Skin Analysis


We combine our skills as Corneotherapists and Naturopaths to read your skin. Your skin talks, and we listen! What is your true skin type? (it’s probably not what you think!) How are your cells communicating with each other? Are they working with you or against you? What nutritional deficiencies are affecting your glow? What is the real age of your … Read More

How To Tell If You Have Gut Face (Acne)


We can spot gut face straight away! In combination with a detailed consult on your health and history, our trained therapists know exactly how to help. Your breakouts appear all over your face (and not just on your chin and jawline) Your menstrual cycle doesn’t seem to influence your skin You have taken antibiotics regularly in the past Your diet … Read More

How I Healed My Dermatitis With Skin Care, LED and Gut Testing

Before - After Photo

Guest Blog by Hayley Fogarty    My experience with dermatitis began back to when I was a kid. I remember getting flare-ups in the creases of my elbows and on the back of my arms, it wasn’t much fun. Fast forward into adulthood and my skin still has a way of letting me know if something isn’t quite right internally. This personal experience … Read More

6 Adult Acne Mistakes We See Every Day

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Guest blog by Emily Segal, Senior Naturopathic Skin Therapist We treat loads of acne at The Clear Skin Experts, and this used to be my story too! Most of the adult acne we see in clinic is actually a ‘dry’ acne (acne tarda) which has been really abused by stripping and harsh skin care. 1. Over washing skin (and with … Read More

Spring Skin

spring skin

Spring happens to be my favourite season. We start to unfurl after a long winter and as the days grow longer more time is spent outdoors. In clinic however, we see that not all skin loves spring. In fact, it can be a very reactive time of year. As pollen counts rise, so does histamine for some which can cause quite sudden … Read More

Best Melbourne Acne Facials

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Many of you may have heard that my obsession with skin started with my own acne issues. From the age of 21-30 I struggled with cystic acne and tried everything! From oral contraception to peels, veganism to Cetaphil. The thing that used to break my heart (regularly), was that nobody seemed to get it. My (many) aesthetician’s didn’t (so many painful … Read More

5 Steps To Clear Skin In Winter

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5 Steps To Clear Skin In Winter: Winter can often be a challenging season for skin. In clinic we see an increase in cases of perioral dermatitis, eczema and lipid dry acne (‘Acne Tarda’). In this blog we will look at 5 easy steps to help achieve clear skin in the cooler months. #1 Hydration Indoor heating, dry winds and … Read More

Perioral Dermatitis (PoD) – Part 1

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I have been wanting to blog about Perioral Dermatitis (PoD) for aaages! It is one of the most common skin conditions that we treat and seems to be on the rise. It is often misdiagnosed (as acne or generalised skin sensitivity) and can be quite unpredictable with periods of flaring and remission. It is usually adult onset (more common in … Read More

Travel Skin Checklist

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Big changes in routine and environment can cause chaos with your skin – we’ve all been there. As a Naturopathic Skin Expert I know the story too well. So many of my clients email me from their destination with the holiday skin freak-outs. Here is my essential checklist, for minimising travel skin. SHARE THIS ARTICLE Make sure to book in … Read More

The Clear Skin Cleanse – part 1

hormonal acne treatment
So, gorgeous ones, I am in the process of jamming the last ten years of clinical and personal experience into a skin-focused functional detoxification program. And let me tell you, it is more than a little exciting! So exciting in fact that I have been trialling it on myself! What is Functional Detoxification? There is a lot of hype about ... Read More

Stop spots in your Sleep: the acne sleep connection…

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As is often the way, there is great truth to well known sayings. How often do we hear ‘I need to get my beauty sleep’? (This is a fave of mine!) We know that a good nights sleep helps us to look better (most likely, because we feel better) with reduced bags under the eyes, a more even skin tone ... Read More

Welcome to The Clear Skin Blog

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Hi gorgeous! My mission is to help you have the skin of your dreams, so that you can skip out into the world and shine like a million watt light bulb. That’s right, I want you to be confident, healthy and happy with a large dose of sass… Most importantly I can teach you to be empowered to clear up ... Read More