Skin Treatments

Our external treatments are like supplements for the skin. We identify the cellular issues that are causing your cells to misbehave, and we retrain and feed them so that function is restored for healthy, happy skin. All facials are inclusive of an Advanced Skin Analysis, as the health of your skin is in constant evolution. If you have a skin condition, we recommend that you book a Holistic Skin Intake session so that we can formulate a tailored skin rehab program.

All our services are claimable on private health care!

Please note that as of the 1st of March, all consultations with Asha incur an additional 20% Principal fee.

Intakes and Prescriptions

Holistic Skin Intake, Skin Care & Treatment Plan

$79 / 45 minutes

For those who are serious about skin recovery. We will assess your skin fitness, both internally and externally. After a Naturopathic Skin Intake and Advanced Skin Analysis, a ‘Skin Rehab’ program and skin care prescription will be formulated to help you reach your goals.

Corrective Colour Match Foundation

$30 / 30-45 minutes

Finally, a liquid foundation that is mixed for your exact skin tone. Soothes, nourishes and reduces inflammation. Compliments your bespoke skin care. Please allow between 30-45 minutes.

Price not inclusive of product – colour match only. See our skin care products page for more details.

Advanced Skin Analysis

$45 / 15 minutes

Suitable for existing clients who need a skin care review, and new clients seeking tailored skin care, that don’t have an existing skin condition.

Please note, an Advanced Skin Analysis is included in all of our bespoke facials.

Naturopathic Facials

Enzyme Treatment

$95 / 30 minutes

Gentle removal of superficial skin cells, that contribute to blocked pores. Recommended as a stand alone treatment for inflamed acne (weekly) or post Collagen Induction Therapy for healthy skin cell recovery.

Facial Treatments

$160 / 75 minutes

Our Therapists are qualified Naturopaths and internationally recognised Corneotherapists. Corneotherapy provides the link between dermatology and cosmetics, whilst preserving the integrity of the skin and its systems at all times. You can think of us as ‘Skin Scientists’. No two treatments are ever the same. The active ingredients and techniques used on your skin are totally unique.

Once the type of acne is determined, we will work our magic to help: reduce breakouts, extract blackheads, reduce inflammation, increase enzyme activity, balance lipid flow, increase water content, accelerate wound healing and reduce the likelihood of scarring. A lymphatic drainage massage further supports the face and neck to clear waste, and boost the immune function.
Suitable for those who are no longer breaking out, but have scarring concerns.
The barrier function (roof of the skin) will be repaired to encourage healthy wound healing and cell-to-cell communication. Skin will be fed active ingredients that stimulate collagen production in preparation for Collagen Induction Therapy sessions.
Suitable for Perioral, Periorbital Dermatitis and Eczema (of the face & neck). Facial rescue that is high in essential fats to address a leaky skin barrier and deficiency of linoleic acid. As this can be cyclic, treatments are recommended in-between flare-ups to restore function and health.
Sensitive skin is very common. In your initial consult you will be advised of the leading aggravators, and you can start your ‘Skin Rehab’ journey. If necessary, we will start very slowly with patch testing of home care.

Over time, we will work to repair the skin barrier, adjust pH, reduce inflammation, balance immune function, soothe redness, rebuild cell function and resilience. Sensitive skin is not your skin type, it can be reversed.

Your rosacea will be graded in your intial consult, and your Therapist will educate you on aggravating factors to avoid. Facials are designed to reduce inflammation, support collagen, reduce papules, soothe redness, support weakened blood vessels, reduce inflammatory peptides, increase cellular health and absorption of Omega 3 & 6 and stabilise barrier function.
Pregnancy can create a lot of change for skin. Common concerns are: sensitivity, pigmentation (chloasma), acne, itchy skin and fragile, red capilliaries.
Stress and adrenal fatigue are the leading causes of skin distress. Enjoy your bespoke treatment with the inclusions of: aura cleanse, energy balance and sound healing.

All facials may include: Advanced Skin Analysis, Enzyme Peel/Peeling cream, active nutritional & herbal serums, french steam, extractions and lymphatic drainage massage.

Additional items for your facial
Light Therapy (MAX+ LED)$45

Light Therapy is a completely safe, painless and non invasive technology that focuses on correcting challenging skin conditions. It is like a big multi-vitamin for the skin!

Sheet Mask$50

Big bespoke nutrient delivery, in a soft, fluffy mask. For those with sensitive skin, sore acne and irritated/cracked skin. Topped off with the Spirulina Skin Saver.

Bright Eyes$20

A customised nutrient delivery to target micro-circulation, dark circles, fine lines and mild irritation/dermatitis.

Available on its own, or with a facial
Back’s need help too! This treatment is inclusive of enzyme therapy, extractions, active serums and extracts. A stimulating massage assists to bring oxygen and nutrients to the dermis for optimal healing.

Stand alone (45 minutes)$110
…with a facial$80

Skin Serious ~ Advanced Dermal Treatments

Light Therapy – MAX+ LED

$90 / 30 minutes

Facial add-on / $45

Light Therapy is a completely safe, painless and non invasive technology that focuses on correcting challenging skin conditions. It is like a big multi-vitamin for the skin!

MAX+ by Jennifer Brodeur is one of the only medical grade LED devices in the world. LED is a scientific process that uses wavelengths of light to send concentrated packets of energy into the dermal layer, creating a frenzy of cellular healing and regeneration.

Our treatments are totally customisable and we can use up to 6 frequencies in one session.

  • Near Infrared – stimulates immune function and health of skin cells
  • Red – increase in collagen
  • Yellow – toning, tightening & detoxifying
  • Green – redness, rosacea, pigmentation, dermatitis
  • Blue – cellular communication, melatonin production (jetlag, insomnia)
  • Violet – acne

How many treatments?

1-3 treatments per week for an average of 12 treatment is best for skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, dermatitis and sensitive skin. All skin types will benefit from Light Therapy, which makes it the perfect facial add-on.

MAX+ Membership

$499 /10 sessions

A MAX+ Membership allows 10 sessions of Light Therapy.

Organise a session any time from Mon – Fri, 10am – 4pm.

Collagen Induction Therapy


inclusive of post-care kit + Light Therapy, valued at $195

Our Collagen Induction Therapy, also known as Skin Needling, procedure is conducted with an electronic device (dermaCIT pen), known for its accuracy and depth flexibility. It is the most effective treatment available for Acne Scarring, and also has many benefits for:

  • strengthening skin
  • reducing congestion
  • pigmentation concerns
  • reducing pore size
  • Rosacea management
CIT is an exceptionally safe rejuvenation procedure, if the skin is prepared and has been assessed for suitability.

As Corneotherapists we are able to keep the procedure unique for the best outcomes. Depth, use of active ingredients, Light Therapy and timing in-between treatments are all dependent on your skin condition and cellular health. As Naturopaths we can recommend nutritional home-care advice and supplements to ensure that you get the most out of the treatment.

We have been trained to deliver this procedure comfortably without the use of topical numbing agents, and are one of the few clinics in Australia to offer this. Your skin will need to be prepped for this procedure, call us to find out more and receive your info pack. See our article on acne scarring.

All our services are claimable on private health care.
Consultations with Asha incur an additional 20% Principal fee.