True Skin Care

“When you have a complex skin issue it can be really frustrating trying to find a skin care range that helps. Many leading skin care brands contain harmful ingredients that damage the skin and actually contribute to your skin concerns. ‘Natural’ ranges are also tricky, with many containing essential oils that damage the skin, and with no method of delivery to the cell.

As a Corneotherapist, I’m able to blend and customise pure, active dermatological ingredients for exactly what your skin needs. No two prescriptions are ever the same. This is truly individualised skin care, based on the nutritional deficiencies that are causing your skin cells to behave badly. I believe in feeding the skin with exactly what it needs, and this is where the magic happens!”


Bespoke ‘Skin Food’

Petrochemical laden foundations are the enemy of healthy, clear skin. We stock the Dermaviduals ‘Deco’ range, a Corneotherapeutic makeup that actively works to rebalance and feed the skin. This is true corrective cover, with no nasties.

The most amazing thing about dermaviduals deco is that the colour of the foundation is customised to suit your individual skin colour and tone. No longer do you have to struggle to find that perfect colour match.

Dermaviduals customised liquid foundations are mineral pigmented creams that aid our skin’s natural moisturising ability. It creates a smooth, soft texture on the skin and has excellent absorption properties ensuring that the foundation sits beautifully on your skin. It provides high quality medium coverage and can be finished with a dermaviduals loose powder foundation for full coverage.

Ready to transform your skin with our professionally prescribed & tailored range of makeup? Come in to our Collins Street clinic for an appointment and we’ll get you started…

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What is Corneotherapy?

Corneotherapy is the science of maintaining and restoring healthy skin. It’s aimed at the recovery of the stratum corneum by improving the function of the skin barrier and subsequently the overall health of the skin.

It is a highly sophisticated and effective way of correcting skin conditions. Rather than override the balance and intelligence of the skin (with harsh ingredients and treatments like chemical peels, microdermabrasion etc.), Corneotherapists are taught to read the face like a map, and are experts in skin science and biology.

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About Dermatological Skincare

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Dermaviduals is the only true Corneotherapeutic skin care range in the world. Dermaviduals only uses pure ingredients that are 100% free of:

  • fragrances (including essential oils)
  • preservatives
  • emulsifiers
  • colours
  • mineral oils
  • silicones
  • amines

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