Asha – Principal Therapist

Asha, the original ‘Clear Skin Expert’ is a Naturopath, Corneotherapist and Facialist who combines these modalities to help her clients achieve beautiful skin from the outside and the inside. Asha was a finalist for Corneotherapist of the Year in 2017, in recognition of her clinical excellence. As a pioneer in the area of Naturopathic Skin Therapy, Asha is known for her safe and natural resolution of skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, dermatitis, sensitive/reactive skin, scarring and allergic skin conditions. She is also a sought after expert in the field of healthy ageing, combining nutrition, lifestyle techniques and herbal medicine with effective facial therapies and equipment. Her reputation and methods have earnt her a devout following both in Australia and overseas, with consultations available via Skype. She is very passionate about minimal intervention beauty, and steers away from invasive techniques such as botox, fillers, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and harsh products. Instead, she harnesses the skin’s innate intelligence and focuses on retraining skin cells and rectifying nutritional imbalance. Asha successfully overcame her own cystic acne and pigmentation issues, and is very passionate about providing safe alternatives to antibiotics, Roaccutane and oral contraception.

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Asha has curated the most talented team of natural skin specialists in Australia, to help you heal your skin and feel healthy and confident. All of our therapists are qualified Naturopaths, as well as passionate skin therapists. Our team have all overcome significant skin issues and really understand your concerns and goals.




Complimentary Skin Analysis

We offer our clients a free skin analysis session (valued at $45) when you purchase 2 or more products from our recommendations. Skin Analysis is an accurate and scientific way of creating a plan for your skin concerns, to correct and retrain at a cellular level.
About Us

We are a truly holistic skin clinic, based in Collins Street Melbourne. Our methods were developed by Naturopathic Facialist – Asha Evertsz.

We offer a safe and evidence-based range of treatments, testing, skin care & make-up to help correct and repair damaged skin. Most importantly, we provide a safe and nurturing environment to help build your confidence whilst we correct your skin and acne concerns.


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Address: 403/2 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

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