Melissa (Our Hormone & Gut Specialist) Shares Her Skin Healing Story


Mel is our secret weapon! Her extensive experience in healing skin via pathology testing gives many clients who have ‘tried everything’ hope and answers for their skin distress.

More than her technical expertise and training in Functional Medicine, Mel really understands what it is like to have skin conditions that affect your daily life and confidence.

In this guest blog, she shares her own story.

My Experience With Acne


You name a skin condition & I’ve probably experienced it! It began in my teens with severe, cystic acne that covered my face, chest & back. Skin always been my weak aspect and from here each decade brought a new challenge.

  • in my 20s I had skin infections that would crack, bleed and become infected
  • in my 30s my acne returned
  • in my 40s things really ramped up; autoimmune (lupus) skin flares, chronic eczema, perioral and orbital dermatitis and full body rashes and swelling

No two days were ever the same. I’d go to bed with a rash all around my neck and wake up with swollen itchy eyes. I’d be on holidays and go to bed with a rash on sun exposed areas and wake up with eczema that presented as fluid filled blisters all over my feet.

The Impact of Sensitive Skin On My Life

neck-rash-before-afterThe impacts on my life were huge. During this time, I experienced;

  • chronic loss of sleep
  • strained relationships
  • days off from work
  • ruined holidays
  • obsessing over what I ate, the environment, getting stuck in the sun
  • scratching until I’ve bled
  • significant depression & being totally housebound

Treatments I Sought

I saw

  • Doctors, Dermatologists and Pharmacists
  • Chinese Medicine Practitioners, Acupuncturists and Naturopaths
  • Kinesiologists, spiritual healers and even a psychic!

I tried

  • EVERY product prescribed and available over the counter
  • Natural products and rummaged through health food stores and searched online for the answer

I was obsessed with finding the root cause of my skin condition, but with it being so changeable I was at a complete loss. And then it dawned on me…I’m approaching this all wrong!

The ‘Aha Moment’ For Clearing My Adult Acne & Treating Sensitive Skin

For any lasting relief I had to approach this with a whole new mindset. I had to move away from being reactive and trying lots of different approaches. I started afresh. I ensured that the foundational aspects of health were in place before moving on, and working on one thing at a time. This was key to both my physical and mental recovery.

Mel’s Top Tips for Chronic & Complex Skin Conditions.


  • Diet & gut health
  • Stress response
  • Sleep
  • Water
  • General Pathology Assessment

STEP 2: Work with a Functionally Trained Medicine Practitioner with Pathology Testing

Areas to consider (and remember…one at a time!)

  • Gut (Comprehensive Stool Analysis)
  • Food allergy and sensitivity (IgG, IgA Panels)
  • Adrenal & Hormones (DUTCH Hormone Testing)
  • Thyroid

Work with Me!

I work with Asha and the CSE team to ensure that you are getting the most thorough and comprehensive care and resolution of your skin conditions.
I work 4 days per week from our Collins Street location (including Sundays) and can also work Via Skype for distance clients.

The best intake is the ‘Initial Naturopathy’ which is a 60 min session that gives me all of the information I need to determine which testing we should start with. From there, I will send you a detailed report on our plan and my recommendations.

Our reception staff are able to help you book in for the most relevant intake for your needs if you would like to have a chat.