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“Pimples, cracked lips: How your face reveals your health”

“If you always get breakouts in a certain area or have a new issue that’s bothering you such as weak nails or brittle hair, a natural therapist may be able to identify the cause. Here, two experts reveal some of the common warning signs.”

Interview by Donna Duggan

Natural Beauty Expert

“Cortisol – the missing link in hormonal acne”

“Whether it is one or two pesky breakouts on the chin/jawline either mid-cycle (ovulation) or just before your period, or the full blown, self-esteem wrecking blowout that affects you every month, most women have experienced the skin stressing effects of hormones.”

Article by Asha Evertsz, May 29, 2015

Asha is a regular contributor at Natural Beauty Expert
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