‘Curing My Adult Acne’ – Independent Blogger Review

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Ever wondered what working with us to heal your acne is really like?

Magdelene Shapter from The-file.com (an online journal of the skin secrets of style influencers) approached us about documenting her experience of our Acne healing abilities. Eep! No pressure right.

Asha jumped at this opportunity (cos she just can’t resist healing skin).


Maggie’s Adult Acne Diagnosis

Magdelene (or Maggie as we know her) was a very typical acne presentation for us. Long history of ‘trying everything’ and history of yukky skin stripping skin care. Trials and tribulations with oral contraception to manage skin and hormones. Scarring and post-inflammatory pigmentation from years of breakouts.


Pathology Testing For Acne

Pathology testing with Melissa also revealed deficiencies in Iron and Zinc after stints of a vegan diet. Gut testing also revealed lots of answers to Maggie’s skin story.

Read the full experience and article here and find out why ‘talking to skin mastermind Asha Evertsz & Naturopathic Skin Therapy Pioneer was life changing’. Shucks.


We are so thrilled that we helped Maggie to reach her skin goals in a safe and natural way. Our approach of working internally and externally is refreshing for many people who are tired of being offered antibiotics, contraception and Roaccutane as ‘fixes’.

Need our help? Wondering where to start? Book a Naturopathic Skin Intake session with Asha.


The Naturopathic Skin Intake

Our Naturopathic Skin Intake looks at the internal and external causes of your issues and will identify:

  • What food you should (and shouldn’t) be eating
  • How to supercharge your skin health through sleep, stress reduction, gut health, hormonal health
  • Whether you are a candidate for pathology testing (done with Melissa, our testing guru)
  • The health of your skin barrier and what products and makeup are contributing to your issues
  • The health of your skin cells and layers and how this is optimised through a customised therapeutic dermaviduals skin care prescripton
  • Which in-clinic treatments such as Light Therapy and Skin Needling are appropriate

We take the stress out of your skin and create a customised plan for your exact needs. Experience gets results.

A Naturopathic Skin Intake session is $99 for 45 minutes and can be claimed under private health insurance (if you have Naturopathy as an extra)

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Asha Naturopath MelbourneAsha- Principal Therapist

Asha, the original ‘Clear Skin Expert’ is a Naturopath, Corneotherapist and Facialist who combines these modalities to help her clients achieve beautiful skin from the outside and the inside.

Asha has curated the most talented team of natural skin specialists in Australia, to help you heal your skin and feel healthy and confident.