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Acne: What is triggering you?

Acne, really at the end of the day is a numbers game. A process of elimination. A trail of clues that leads to our ‘aha’ moment. And once found…voila, we are on the pathway to clear skin and most importantly, the flood of hope and relief. The cherry on our sundae, the spring in our step and the START OF OUR HEALING.

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What do I mean by this?  Well, one of the very first things that I do with my patients in clinical practice is to find their triggers. My senses are on high alert from the very beginning and my nose is a twitching, to find those oh so important clues that will help us to figure it all out. We all have triggers, and through a process of elimination they aren’t too hard to pick up. Don’t get me wrong though…

They can be pretty challenging to detect yourself.

That’s because we can’t always be objective with our own health. It’s a bit like trying to find the trees for the woods. It is tough to be objective with yourself, especially when you are busy living your fabulous life!  It is also challenging when our emotions are so entangled in our skin health.

I’m sure you can relate to this story (it’s one I used to know well too!). You wake up in the morning and before you even start to look forward to your day, and bless the magical, gorgeous creation that you are, your fingers creep up to your face and start to investigate your face like braille on roids. Your heart sinks…

You rush to the mirror, and BAM, your suspicions are confirmed – you have fresh breakouts.  So, even though you drank loads of water the day before, exercised and ate super clean, your heart is breaking and your mind is racing to try and figure out how this happened.  You feel in despair, frustrated and alone.  Commonly, this will cause you to change your tactics. So, even though you may have been on to a great thing with your diet, exercise plan etc. your mindset will be all messed up and you will try something new.  This leaves you dizzy and confused

It’s also really challenging when there is a lot of conflicting information out there. Some say “go raw food vegan”! Others say, no, “go paleo”! Your Doctor may recommend taking antibiotics or birth control. And why is it that these protocols don’t work for everyone?

It’s because we are all different, and our triggers are different too. So What works for one person, may not work for the next.  And until you have a road map to your personal triggers, you will continue to feel dizzy, confused and disempowered.

So, how do you find out your triggers?

Well, first things first…

#1 you need a plan
A plan will help you to stay on course. It will give you hope to last the distance when you feel like giving up.  Having a plan is like surrendering to something bigger than ourselves, there is hope in having a plan.

#2 get educated
by learning all of the possible triggers, and having some help to fit them into your individual picture and symptoms, now we are starting to get somewhere!

#3 embrace your new plan
This is a biggie…and it’s called having some faith. Having confidence in your plan, and the conviction that it takes to beat acne will require you to buy in, big time. It requires doing everything in your power to overcome your skin blues.

#4 empower yourself
Harness your inner Goddess. Choose positivity over fear.  
One of my inner Goddess figures is Tina Turner. Often, when I am faced with my deep, dark fears, I ask myself ‘What the eff would Tina do’? Well, damn sure that she wouldn’t give in to fear. Or stay in bed with a block of chocolate and her cat.

How do I know? Because ten years of research, undergraduate study, postgraduate study, late night-readings, success in clinical practice and my own darn gorgeous skin say IT IS POSSIBLE TO HAVE THE SKIN OF YOUR DREAMS. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it is tricky. Sometimes we need to delve a little deeper, past the obvious, past the ‘it’s just hormones’ dogma and have a squiz at your individual biochemistry. This is totally possible

We need to look at the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. Well that’s possible too. I have seen acne triggered by stress, homesickness (surprisingly common), wonky hormones, wonky relationships, parasites, candida, vitamin deficiencies, mineral deficiencies, food allergies, shit skincare, contraceptive withdrawal and so much more.  But that’s just it, your triggers are super unique TO YOU. So ultimately, with a little help and guidance, YOU are the authority on your triggers.

That is were I can help

I am your biggest cheerleader.  I GOT YOU!

I want to share all of my clear skin GOLD with you.

I want to empower you with radically EPIC clear skin education and resources that will give you a crystal clear plan and crystal clear SKIN.

So, let’s get started on finding your triggers, and giving you a blueprint to your skin success.


Asha Evertsz is the clear skin expert! A Melbourne-based Naturopath, Skin therapist and Corneotherapist, her passion is empowering her clients to have smooth, healthy and strong skin…naturally.

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