Our team make up a highly specialised, holistic skin clinic. We help our clients to resolve their skin issues safely and naturally, and we love treating:

All of our therapists are qualified Naturopaths and Corneotherapists

Corneotherapy is a very effective way of treating stubborn skin concerns, as it actually retrains the skin cell and feeds the skin and stem cells at the deepest layer. Our treatments are like supplements for the skin! We utilise our knowledge of herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, biochemistry and cellular function to create customised treatments, skincare and makeup.

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Asha is the original Clear Skin Expert!

Asha is very committed to resolving skin issues, as she struggled with cystic acne and pigmentation for over ten years.  Tiring from the merry-go-round of oral contraception, antibiotics and Roaccutane on offer, Asha decided to take matters in to her own hands and find a better way to safe and sustainably gorgeous skin. She’s now a leader in her field, and a pioneer for Naturopathic Skin Therapy.

Asha has extensive experience in integrative skin health. She has a particular focus on functional medicine and pathology testing, and is confident working with complex and stubborn cases. She understands the impact that skin issues have on confidence and quality of life.

Asha helps patients with acne, perioral and periorbital dermatitis, rosacea, sensitive/reactive skin and pigmentation, and is available for Internal treatment Skin Naturopathy consultations.

  • BHSc. (Naturopathy)
  • Advanced Dip. (Beauty Therapy)
  • Cert. (Skin Needling)
  • Corneotherapist
  • Advanced Skin Analysis
  • Professional Associations: IAC, ANTA
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Asha, the Original Clear Skin Expert

For those with complex skin issues, Asha Evertsz is available for Naturopathy and Functional Pathology testing. Her expertise in skin has developed a cult following both in Australia and Overseas.

Emily – Naturopath and Corneotherapist

Emily, Clear Skin Expert Naturopathic Skin Specialist

Emily is our Naturopathic Skin Specialist!

Emily’s own health and skin issues brought her to see Asha as a client a number of years ago. After experiencing dramatic and permanent resolution of her acne, scarring and pigmentation, Emily (studying Naturopathy at the time) decided that she was destined to specialise in skin, and help others achieve the same results and confidence.

As a skilful facialist, Emily combines her qualifications in Naturopathy and Nutrition to deliver the ultimate holistic skin treatments. As a Corneotherapist, she confidently addresses the cellular issues that are holding you back from clear skin, and retrains the skin at a deeper level.

Emily’s treatments are deeply relaxing and nurturing, as well as being results oriented. She specialises in acne, acne scarring, pigmentation, healthy ageing and hair loss. Emily is available for External treatment Naturopathic Skin Therapy consultations.

  • Advanced Dip. (Naturopathy)
  • Advanced Dip. (Nutritional Medicine) – ongoing
  • Advanced Skin Analysis
  • Cert. (Facialist)
  • Cert. (Hypnotherapist)
  • Cert. (Personal Training)
  • Professional Associations: ANTA

Natalia – Makeup Educator

Our ray of sunshine!

Natalia is the ultimate host to our darling clients. She’s spent many years managing customer service teams for luxury fashion brands and health clinics. She loves to give you the ultimate VIP experience.

Natalia is passionate about skin care and makeup, and is a whiz with customising the perfect shade for your corrective foundation, or being an ingredients detective with your current brands.

Like our other team members, Natalia’s a serial student. She is currently doing a Bachelor of Science to become a Doctor. As a microbiology and biochemistry nerd, Natalia loves to get into the science of skin care and makeup – just ask her!

Natalia is available for customised colour matching foundation, chatting and cups of tea!

  • BA (French)
  • Grad. Cert. (Human Nutrition)
  • BSc – on-going
  • Cert. (Personal Training)

Natalia, Clear Skin Expert Makeup Educator

Elissa – Naturopath

Elissa, Clear Skin Expert Detective

Elissa is our Clear Skin Detective! She combines Naturopathy and Eastern Medicine with Functional medicine and Pathology testing. This unique approach helps to get real and accurate answers for our clients who have been suffering from long-term skin issues such as acne, rosacea, dermatitis and sensitive/reactive skin conditions.

Elissa has extensive experience in female and male hormone imbalances, digestive concerns, allergic immune reactions and thyroid disease and how they relate to skin.

Initial consultations with Elissa include recommendations of Private Pathology testing and a customised program (delivered at your second consult).

  • BHSc Naturopathy
  • Master of Applied Sciences (Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture) – ongoing

Hayley – Clinical Assistant

Hayley is one of our beautiful front-of-house superstars.

She is currently studying Naturopathy and has a keen interest in skin.

Hayley is training with Dermaviduals and is a budding Corneotherapist in the making.

She is available on Mondays and Tuesdays for colour match foundation consults and LED sessions.

  • Naturopathy – ongoing

Hayley, Clear Skin Expert Clinical Assistant