Travel Skin Checklist


Big changes in routine and environment can cause chaos with your skin – we’ve all been there. As a Naturopathic Skin Expert I know the story too well. So many of my clients email me from their destination with the holiday skin freak-outs. Here is my essential checklist, for minimising travel skin.

Your holiday is finally here! Your taxi to the airport is booked, you’ve got a brand new book and your sister is all set to look after the cat and water the plants. Then you remember that last time you travelled your skin went berserk. It broke out with the humidity. Or perhaps you went dry and flaky after the plane trip.

Before your flight

See your skin therapist

Make sure to book in with your skin therapist immediately before (and after) your trip.

Your skin will need some extra help to ensure that it is ready for the environmental challenges of travel, and to re-balance afterwards. If you’re going in-between climate extremes (i.e. from winter to summer), you may need to change the skincare you’re using. For example, your current winter prescription will be geared towards totally different conditions to those of a hot climate.

Australia is super strict with the amount of liquids allowed onto the plane. 100ml is the absolute max, and all skincare should be popped into a plastic, sealable bag. Ideally, you will transfer your essential skin care into travel-safe containers that won’t leak.

When you do your on-line check-in, opt for a gluten-free or dairy free meal. Qantas even has a paleo option. Your nutrient requirements are drastically increased with the stress of travel – this isn’t the time to over-indulge! On that note, you can help balance the radiation exposure by stocking up on antioxidant rich snacks full of vitamins A, C and E. BYO green tea bags, berries, kale chips, goji berries and inca berries.

Try to fly at night. When flying at high altitudes, you are much more vulnerable to UV (especially if you have the window seat).
Sunscreen is essential.

On the plane

Best to stick to mineral water and bottled water from the trolley. Take your own herbal tea bags, and ask the stewards for hot water. Even if it is free, there is a big cost to your skin.

Increase water intake (starting the day before). Preventing dehydration is your number one mission for clear, healthy, and happy skin. Try adding a pinch of Himalayan salt to your water to increase your electrolytes – and start sipping coconut water as soon as you land.