Dermaviduals is the only true Corneotherapeutic skin care range in the world.

The dermaviduals concept is that of using pure skin mimicking ingredients to rebuild a healthy and functional skin.

The skin cannot utilise fragrance, emulsifiers, silicones, mineral oils, preservatives, amines and artificial colours. Therefore these common ingredients drastically impair skin function and health.

However, even though it is exceptionally pure (and Vegan!) the range should not be confused with ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ skin care lines.

The technology of dermaviduals via liposomes and nanoparticles means that it is therapeutic in it’s targeted delivery to the cell membrane. Also, the quality of the active ingredients is exceptionally pure and recognisable to the cell membrane. Basically, this means that it has a one-way ticket to it’s destination (instead of sitting on the surface with little to no effect).


We are able to custom blend skin care for your exact skin needs (and dysfunction). We do this by always conducting an Advanced Skin Analysis to very carefully assess and diagnose what is malfunctioning within the skin cells and layers. Once we are aware of this, we know how to correct by feeding the skin with ingredients that will rectify and restore balance.


We understand that the Corneotherapy concept is a new one to 99% of our clients. This is why one of our clinical assistants will sit with you after your appointment to thoroughly explain how to use everything and write it down for you so that you feel really confident with your skin care prescription.


We are really used to dealing with highly sensitised skin. We have careful protocols that allow us to very slowly drip feed your skin so there is minimal chance of a reaction.
We will usually send you home with 1-2 sample sized products and instruct you on how to do a 48 hour patch test.

Skin analysis

15 Minutes $45

(complimentary with $150 spend on skin care)

On-line skin care

Many of clients are not able to pop into our Melbourne Clinic. We offer Skype consultations and express potage