Suitable for Perioral and Periorbital dermatitis in-between flare up’s. If you are having an active flare-up, we suggest a course of Light Therapy treatments.

After a gentle cleanse, we apply a custom blended mask that will help to re-align your barrier and put the good fats back into your skin’s cellular membrane.

Whilst your mask is at work, we choose either a lymphatic massage or French brush massage depending on your skin presentation.

Once your mask is removed, we may apply a therapeutic serum.

Finally, we use our medical-grade LED device’s (MAX+) unique ‘dermatitis’ setting of 4 different wavelengths of light to help calm the immune response, reduce inflammation, accelerate healing, kill yeast and reduce itch.

Investment: $130 – 60 Minutes

On-line skin care

Many of clients are not able to pop into our Melbourne Clinic. We offer Skype consultations and express postage

*Our Naturopathic services can be claimed on private health