Ideal for angry, inflamed and cystic acne.

After a thorough cleanse, we apply a special blend of enzymes to clear out the follicle, reduce inflammation and refine the complexion.

Once this has been applied, we will use steam and lymphatic drainage techniques to gently detoxify your face and remove waste.

Once your enzymes are removed, a custom blend of active acne serums are applied.

Finally, we use our medical-grade LED device’s (MAX+) unique ‘acne’ Setting of 4 different wavelengths of light to kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, increase wound healing, repair barrier function and reduce likelihood of scarring and pigmentation.

Investment: $130 – 60 Minutes

On-line skin care

Many of clients are not able to pop into our Melbourne Clinic. We offer Skype consultations and express postage

*Our Naturopathic services can be claimed on private health