Performance Treatments for Clear Skin

We don’t do fluffy treatments. All of our services are geared towards skin correction. We follow the principles of Naturopathy and Corneotherapy in all of our treatments. Corneotherapy is a remedial skin treatment philosophy. Our main objective is to heal the defence layers of the epidermis, which have often been damaged and harmed by misuse of prior skin care and ingredients/treatments.

We usually recommend a Holistic Skin Intake or a Skin Analysis session prior to commencing treatments, for best results and a tailored program.

Our services have been cherry picked from across the world as we will only use what is best for the skin. Our skincare comes from Germany, our LED machine from Canada and our therapists frequently attend International training to ensure that we are constantly learning.

We understand that sharing your skin story can be a little intimidating at first. Each of our team members has overcome significant skin issues, allowing us to understand what you’re going through.

Your skin healing journey starts here!

Our Services

Intakes and Skin Care Prescriptions

In order to treat and heal your skin, we need to understand it inside and out. Our holistic skin intake sessions allow us to identify the causes of your skin concerns and how to best rectify them. Asha works with you to go through your nutrition, lifestyle, history and skincare routines to gain an insight into your overall skin health. She then completes an Advanced Skin Analysis for an in-depth look at your skin.

Following your analysis, shet is able to advise on a tailored skin care prescription, nutrition recommendations, effective facial treatments, makeup products ideal for your skin and pathology or naturopathy services.

Skin Needling

Skin needling is a safe and effective procedure that activates your skin’s natural ability to produce new, healthy collagen. Designed to transform the appearance and health of your skin, results are similar to laser, but safer and healthier for the skin.

Skin needling is often recommended for clients with acne scarring, pigmentation, congestion and fine lines & wrinkles.

Light Therapy

Light Therapy, also known as LED (Light Emitting Diode), is a form of skin healing ideal for clients impacted by acne, inflammation, irritation, dehydrated and sensitive skin. It is completely safe for all skin conditions.

Administered by our experienced therapists, medical grade wavelengths of light are absorbed into the heart of skin cells. Light is converted to energy, allowing for the healing and healthy growth of new or damaged skin cells.

Advanced Skin Analysis

Before each skin treatment, our therapists complete an Advanced Skin Analysis to gain a comprehensive understanding of the condition, behaviour and health of your skin. Our analysis guides all of our services, allowing us to recommend the most effective treatments to restore function and resilience to your skin.

SOS Treatments

Our SOS range of treatments is formulated to alleviate and assist with acute skin conditions. Designed for clients who need fast and immediate results, we harness the most advanced and effective techniques and treatments to heal, calm and strengthen damaged and traumatised skin.

Our SOS range is a combination of therapies that was designed by Asha for fast skin relief.

Online Consultations

For clients located interstate or overseas, our Naturopaths and Skin Therapists (Corneotherapists) offer online consultations over Skype. We’re able to chat with you about your skin concerns, identify your skin type and recommend products suited to your skin.


Many of clients are not able to pop into our Melbourne Clinic. We offer Skype consultations and express postage.

*Our Naturopathic services can be claimed on private health