We developed this facial after recognising that many of our clients would have a ‘skin freak out’ whilst on holiday.

Changes in climate, environment and the challenges of air travel can all dramatically impact the skin.

In fact, cabin air has the same humidity as the desert! Being closer to the sun also dramatically increases UV damage and our antioxidants levels drop due to the radiation involved with flying.

The Facial

We spend time with you to understand the particular skin stressors that your journey may have on your glow. This will be different for every person and every trip!

Once we have established the stressors that your skin is likely to face (and your history of concerns) a facial will be tailored after an Advanced Skin Analysis.

Your skin will be prepared with cleansing and a customised exfoliant.


The Sheet Mask

A sheet mask is a face-shaped fabric that we soak in a nutrition and antioxidant rich serum solution. The sheet prevents evaporation and allows deeper penetration of the active’s to feed your skin cells with nutrients that get sucked out by travel.

The Algae Mask

Once carefully prepared and applied, we mix a rubberising ‘Algae’ mask to pop over the top of the sheet mask. This results in dramatic absorption of nutrients into the skin, as well as the added minerals and vitamins contained in the Algae.

The Massage

Whilst your face is soaking between two Masks, we get to work on your decolettage and scalp. We use a combination of Lymphatic and Ayurvedic massage which helps to ‘wake up’ the channels of detoxification that slow down during travel.

After 20 minutes, your masks are removed and we apply similar stimulating techniques to your face.

The Products

In-flight Skin Care is crucial. We supply travel sized products with a little bag and instructions. Perfect for transit!

Skin Care Advice

Once we understand the climatic/environmental differences of your destination, we can suggest skin care that will be optimal. Often we are travelling between seasons, and what you use in winter is not relevant in summer!

Light Therapy

The skin cell supercharger. Recommended immediately before and after your trip as an add-on to your facial

What is included in this facial?

  • Consultation
  • Advanced Skin Analysis
  • Sheet Mask with customised travel infusion
  • Algae Mask
  • Travel Kit


Travel Facial – $250 (75 min)

With our Principal Asha Evertsz – $320 (75 min)

Facial additions: Light Therapy – 15 minutes $35