At The Clear Skin Experts, we’re passionate about providing corrective holistic facial treatments to address a range of skin concerns and conditions. Based in Melbourne, our qualified and experienced Naturopaths and Facialists (Corneotherapists) adopt a holistic approach to treatment. Specialising in gentle yet effective services, we emphasise skin correction techniques to craft tailored, therapeutic treatments that restore balance and health – inside and out.

Using a proven blend of methods created by our Principal and original ‘Clear Skin Expert’ Asha Evertsz, our therapists are confident in treating a wide range of skin concerns with non-invasive and safe products and techniques.


For a Variety of Skin Concerns

Following an Advanced Skin Analysis, we curate a personalised facial treatment designed to restore balance and health to your skin and the underlying cells. Our facials can be customised to treat:

  • Acne
  • Congestion
  • Rosacea
  • Dermatitis
  • Dry, red and inflamed skin
  • Ageing & Ageing Prevention


Our Facials

Naturopathic Facial

Our Naturopathic Facial is conducted by Asha Evertsz. It is a combination of our Holistic Intake, Skin Analysis and Curated Facial treatments. Commencing with a 30 minute consultation, Asha will get to understand your skin and health and how this is impacting on your skin condition. Recommendations of skin care, supplements, diet, lifestyle, a program of treatments and any pathology will be discussed.

Curated Facial

Our most popular Facial. Suitable for all concerns. We design your facial based on your Advanced Skin Analysis and the correction and rehabilitation your skin requires. This is a results oriented treatment that delivers what is best for your skin on the day. We choose from a variety of therapeutic dermaviduals active ingredients, masks and massage techniques to help retrain your skin cells from the outside-in.

Acne Facial

Acne also requires a customised approach. We treat every Acne skin individually and identify the contributing factors. Some people are lipid heavy, but most of our clients have a dry acne, known as ‘acne tarda’. Depending on the location of the breakouts, we may use active ingredients that will reduce hormonal influence. This facial works to reduce inflammation, prevent post-inflammatory pigmentation and scarring and includes extractions if indicated.

Travel Facial

Changes in climate, increases in UV exposure, adrenal pressure and cabin conditions on flights can cause serious stress to the skin. Our Travel Facials are designed to prepare your skin for potential stressors before and during your journey. Tailored to each client, we create a customised treatment that will reduce damage and torment throughout your travels. This is our only facial inclusive of our supercharged antioxidant sheet mask. We also provide a travel pack of skin care for your flight.

Roaccutane Facials

Some of our clients need our help when they have made the decision to take Roaccutane for acne. We have created a facial that is safe to perform and will help with any redness and/or dryness associated with the medication. We use anti-inflammatory actives such as D-Panthenol, Kiwi Seed, Boswellia, CM-Glucan, Linseed and Green Tea Extract. Our Algae mask is perfect for delicate skin and assists with hydration and redness. We only use very gentle lymphatic massage techniques.

We encourage you to book an LED add-on with your facial. Our medical-grade MAX+ LED is safe for skin rehabilitation on all skin conditions.

Online Consultations and Advice

We understand that many of our clients are interstate and overseas. In addition to treating clients in Melbourne, we provide accessible and flexible online consultations over Skype. We’re able to examine your skin, learn more about your concerns, provide personalised recommendations and can organise skin care and supplements to be sent via express postage.